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alternative for followerwonk

If you are looking for the best alternative for Followerwonk, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss which product is the best alternative with a detailed explanation in terms of features and benefits.

So what is the best alternative for Followerwonk?

FollowerSearch is a multitasking Twitter analytics tool that lets you search Twitter profiles, sort and analyze followers, and much more. Overall anything that Followerwonk can do but with appendage features.

So why opt for FollowerSearch

1. Pricing

In terms of pricing, FollowerSearch is cheaper in comparison to Followerwonk. Their free plan allows users to search up to 50 bios searches per day and 20 profile comparisons per month. Their enterprise plan which is for $99/month includes unlimited profile search and allows users to download data in excel/CSV. If you go for the annual plan the product offers you a 50% discount on your billing which would cost you around $49.5/per month. On the other hand, Followerwonk would cost you $63/month with annual billing.

followersearch pricing

So why opt for which is something more expensive and why not for some cheaper alternative with more added features? 

2. Twitter account analysis

FollowerSearch allows users to search accounts based on followers, following, and tweets. Followerwonk doesn’t provide a feature for analyzing Twitter accounts based on tweets only we provide such a feature to our users.

FollowerSearch provides you with a detailed Twitter account analysis of any targeted public account. Twitter followers analysis also helps in finding relevant followers who are interested in the same topics.

alternative for followerwonk

The Twitter followers analysis report provides you with numerous insightful metrics that can lead you to make impactful decisions.

It can provide precise metrics on the followers. You can also gain access to engagement metrics of any public Twitter accounts past 3200 tweets. Follower last tweet date

1. Account age of followers
2. Follower count of followers
3. Following a count of followers
4. Like count of followers
5. Verified and protected Twitter followers

Also, unlike FollowerWonk which analyzes a sample of 5000 followers, FollowerSearch can analyze millions of Twitter followers with ease.

3. Search Twitter bios

FollowerSearch possesses the largest database of more than 800 million Twitter profiles where you can perform a Twitter Bios search and Twitter influencer search in a single go. You can search Twitter profiles based on their profession, location, followers – following count, etc.


Whether it’s identifying influencers or new talent, performing a Twitter bios search can help you in streamlining the entire process. You can also find like-minded Twitter users. Get precise details of all the accounts that include your search term in their bio. FollowerSearch can search for any hashtags mentioned in Twitter Bios or Profiles. Search for your required hashtag among millions of Twitter profiles.

Apply Precise Filters To your Required Search Term.

FollowerSearch allows you to apply precise search filters which ensure that you get targeted and precise results. A list mentioning all the filters is included below.

  • Twitter Profile: This option allows you to search Twitter profiles based on name, username, and bios from our database of Twitter accounts.
  • Bios Only: Search Twitter Bios only enables you to perform a search only on Twitter bios and excluding name and username.
  • Twitter name: Sort data based on any word present in the Twitter name and username only.
  • Location: The location filter allows you to perform a search of Twitter bios based on predefined location filters
  • Followers: This filter allows you to apply follower count-specific filters. You can exclude search results that have a lower or higher follower count than the defined search criteria.
  • Following: The following count lets you exclude or include Twitter users which have the following range within the defined search term.
  • Twitter Joining Date: This filter allows you to sort followers based on their Twitter joining date.
  • Verified or Unverified: This filter allows you to include or exclude verified and unverified Twitter accounts.

4. Compare Twitter accounts

twitter analytics

FollowerSearch can instantly compare Twitter followers and the following of any two public Twitter accounts. You can instantly look up account-specific information and find which accounts to follow.

FollowerSearch allows you to instantly compare your social graph with any targeted Twitter account. By doing so, you can decrypt your competitor’s social media strategies and build your own.

1) Compare Average tweets and total tweets of multiple accounts.
2) Equate Twitter followers and the following count of multiple profiles.
3) Compare the Twitter account's ages.

You can compare the followers of multiple Twitter accounts to get insights. Once you have compared it with your competition, you will have a clearer picture of how to grow your base.

5. Sort Twitter followers

twitter sort

Check and sort Twitter followers of any Twitter profile based on their followers, following, tweets, and Twitter joining date.FollowerSearch can help you sort Twitter followers and the following from any targeted public Twitter account by analyzing various account-specific metrics. Let’s have a look at the metrics which can help you in sorting Twitter followers.

  • Resolve the followers based on their names.
  • Sort twitter followers by follower count.
  • Rank followers by tweet count.
  • Sort followers based on Twitter account age.
  • Search Twitter followers by location.
  • Search Twitter by the following count.

Sorting Twitter followers can help you in identifying the most active following and followers from any public Twitter account. 

FollowerSearch has some features that Followerwonk doesn’t have, these include:

Advanced Search

FollowerSearch has more advanced search options that allow users to search Twitter bios, tweets, locations, and more with advanced filters

Twitter Reporting

 FollowerSearch provides detailed reports on Twitter account performance, including tweet type, average tweet per day, tweet engagement, and more.

So followerSearch is the best alternative for Followerwonk.


Followerwonk and FollowerSearch are both social media analytics tools that are designed to help users analyze and grow their Twitter presence. Followerwonk is considered a more established and well-known tool, with a wide range of features that are designed to help users optimize their Twitter presence.

Followersearch search Twitter influencers

FollowerSearch, on the other hand, is a relatively new, perfect alternative for Followerwonk, and its feature set is growing. It has some additional features, like Twitter reporting, and more advanced search options. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option with more advanced search options, FollowerSearch is a more suitable option.

Start your Twitter account analysis today with FollowerSearch to gain actionable insights. Give it a try!

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