Top 10 Verified Twitter Accounts with Least Followers

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Least popular Twitter verified users

The white checkmark in a cloud after the Twitter user’s name holds great importance. It signifies that it is the official Twitter handle of the user is a verified Twitter account.

You might think that a verified Twitter means they have a high follower base but that is not always true. There have been many cases where Twitter accounts with low follower-base have been verified even before Twitter changed its policies on Twitter account verification.

In this post, we are going to discuss some Twitter profiles that have a considerably low follower base but are verified by Twitter. Let’s begin,


Verified Twitter Account

Peter Thalheim is an accomplished and reputable figure. He is a US citizen who is an Attorney, Veteran, Maj. Ret. USAR JAG Corps, and a 2018 Republican candidate for the governor of Connecticut. These accomplishments have led to his Twitter profile to get verified even with a considerably low follower base. As of this writing, he still has only 50 followers for his Twitter profile.



The Twitter profile belongs to two passionate singing duo. Stella’s gentle and shy character, coupled with a cheerful and outgoing Vee, coupled with the tacit understanding cultivated over the years, has often sung a treasure trait, shaping StellaVee’s unique appeal. This shows that even singers and artists with a low following can get verified on Twitter.


Twitter account verification

Frantisek Holik is from Liberec, Czech Republic. Hi is an impassioning ski jumper and an Instagram influencer. Till date he has only 64 followers for his Twitter profile, Despite the low follower count, he has a verified Twitter account.



Almey Jens is a Belgian short track skating athlete and a 2018 winter Olympian. His Twitter profile has only 91 followers. It seems being a sportsperson is a sure-fire way to get your Twitter profile verified.


Verified Twitter account

Natalie Eilers is also a professional athlete. She is a ski jumper and a member of the Canadian National ski jumping team. Her being a professional and reputable athlete has helped her in getting her Twitter profile verified.


Yerkebulan Shamukhanov

Yerkebulan Shamukhanov is also a professional short track speed skater. He is also an Olympic athlete and a member of the national team of Kazakhstan. Him being a renowned athlete has helped him get his Twitter profile verified even with just 103 followers.


John Eaton

John Eaton is a Canadian citizen residing in Ontario. He is the host of the 95.1 FM THE PEAK Morning show. He is an entertainer, musician, audio producer, and an improv comic. He is a veteran and has held a variety of positions in the major, middle, and small market radio.


Verified Twitter accounts

@GRCYukon is the official Twitter handle of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Yukon. This has led the account to get verified with just 204 followers.


least popular verified Twitter accounts

This is the official Twitter handle of Chivas Indonesia. The association of the account with the brand has helped the account to get verified even with a low follower base of only 211 followers.


Twitter account verification of least popular users

Jess Vliegenthart is a former Canadian women’s basketball Paralympian. She had to forfeit her career due to a spinal cord injury. She is currently pursuing her career as a personal injury lawyer.

How to get your Twitter profile verified?

In 2019 Twitter changed its Twitter profile verification process and allowed users to get their profiles verified. To get verified, you simply have to update the required information on your Twitter profile, verify your email and phone number and lastly fill out the verification form.

I am going to list the steps to help you easily understand the process of becoming verified on Twitter.

  • Fill your Twitter profile completely with a profile picture, cover photo, name, website, and bio.
  • Add a verified phone number and confirm your email address
  • Add your birthday
  • Set your tweets as public
  • Visit the Twitter verification form

(Note: If you are applying for the verification process for your personal account, you might require a copy of photo ids like driver’s license or passport)

Closing Thoughts

Twitter account verification can help you gain users’ trust and help enhance your brand’s social media presence. You also need an effective follower tracking tool that can help you gain valuable follower insights while steadily growing your followers.

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