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Twitter Follower Search can be defined as the search of followers of any targeted Twitter account. In other words, Followers sorting and searching of any public twitter account is called Twitter Followers Search. 

Searching Twitter followers manually can be extremely tiring and time consuming, that’s why there are some automated tools to do this job. 

Before we move forward to the top tools to search Twitter followers, let’s understand a bit more about Twitter follower search. When you want to get the information about anyone’s twitter followers, you may use some third-part tools for the accurate information. Also, searching your competitors’ followers can be very helpful for your marketing strategies as it will give you the opportunity to find the right audience for your business purposes. From sorting followers based on different metrics to search followers by applying many filters, these tools allow you to do pretty much everything.  

Below we will discuss top 10 tools to search and sort twitter followers. Now let’s begin,  


FollowerSearch is a platform where you can check and sort Twitter followers of any Twitter profile. It also allows you to search twitter followers by applying filters based on their followers, following, tweets, and Twitter joining date to get the targeted and precise results. 

Here is the list of filters that followerSearch includes: 

  • The option of performing the search on Twitter bio or Twitter profile.
  • Filter results based on the minimum and maximum followings or followers.
  • Filter results on the basis of minimum and maximum tweets.
  • Influencer friendly search customization options.
  • Sort Twitter Followers by location, followers count , location etc.
  • Apply language and location-based filters. Perform Twitter search only for specific languages or specific locations.

Features Of FollowerSearch While Performing Twitter Follower Search. 

Sort Twitter Followers

FollowerSearch allows you to sort Twitter followers by analyzing different account-specific metrics of any targeted public twitter account. You can sort Twitter followers based on the metrics given below: 

  • Sort followers on the basis of the name.
  • Sort followers by tweet count.
  • Sort followers on the basis of Twitter account age.
  • Sort twitter followers by follower count.

Identify the Most Active Followers

You may sort Twitter followers by identifying the most active follows and followers of any public Twitter account. You can identify influencers from any targeted Twitter account by:

  • Finding influential accounts from your followers.
  • Sorting Twitter followers on the basis of their activity level.

Sort Followers Based on Various Measures

FollowerSearch allows you to apply specific filters on your search term which helps you in getting accurate and targeted results.


With followerwonk, you can sort all of your Twitter follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count, and more,

Here are the filters you may apply while sorting Twitter followers with followerwonk: 

  • Location
  • Bio 
  • Who they follow
  • And more.


Twiangulate is a great tool to search Twitter followers of your desired public Twitter account that includes many filters to apply while searching the followers. Twiangulate also gives you the free sign up option which takes a few minutes only.

The steps to use twiangulate are listed below:

Step 1 – first you need to have a registered account on the website to use the features of the site. 

Step 2: After that you will find the keyword section that gives you two options to search and retrieve the list of followers. 

Step 3: Click retrieve and you have the list of people who have the keywords or usernames you searched for. 

Step 4:  You can also export the list of followers you retrieve as a .CSV file. 

Tweeple Search 

TweepleSearch is considered one of the simplest tools to analyze twitter accounts. You may filter the search results by name, location, URL, language, number of followers, and number of tweets and get an organized list of twitter users that fulfills your requirements.


Buzzsumo is another great tool to analyze potential followers of any public twitter handle. Buzzsumo gives you the option of a free trial to search but with limited access. 


With Tweetsuite, you can search or analyze followers of any twitter account. It also allows you to apply many filters and sort the result on a wide range of parameters. Tweetsuite is easy to access as it does not require a lot of money to register. The prices are pretty reasonable. 

Account Analysis 

The Account Analysis is a third-party Tool that helps people to analyze Twitter accounts themselves. When you are analyzing twitter followers with account analysis tool you don’t need to install anything or learn how the Twitter API works. 


Tweepsmap is the tool that gives you the accurate location of your followers. Here is how you can search followers of any twitter account or your twitter account.   

  • Map your followers by country, state or city.
  • Create an interactive map or chart by region, to city level.
  • Proprietary algorithm, yet straightforward to use. 


Twitonomy is one of the best platforms where you can get the detailed and visual information of any twitter account. With twitonomy, you can filter your searches and get the best insights of twitter followers of any twitter accounts. It also has the ability to backup and export your reports in both Excel and PDF formats.


With SocialRank, you can analyze followers and sort the list with best followers, most influential followers, and most engaged followers.

Closing Thoughts

FollowerSearch is the only tool that allows you to search and sort twitter followers with great features and so many filters. If you are looking for a platform that can save your valuable time and boost your marketing value, followerSearch is your very own tool to perform twitter follower search. To get started click here.

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