Twitter Analytics Tools to Find Your Influencers in 2023

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Twitter analytical tools

Small-scale businesses usually promote their brands on social media due to their low investment value. So they choose influencers on social media platforms to promote their brand. Here are some Twitter analytics tools to help you select your influencers.

First, we need to understand why there is a need for Twitter analytics tools to choose influencers for your brand.

  • To know your influencer’s audience and reach.
  • Analyze the list of influencers who can promote your brand.
  • To know whether your selected influencers have genuine reach. 
  • Analyze whether his followers can be your potential buyers or does your influencer belongs to the field or is related to your products. For example, protein powder companies choose the most followed fitness influencers on social media. 

1. FollowerSearch

FollowerSearch is a platform where you can check and sort the Twitter followers of any Twitter profile. It also allows you to search Twitter followers by applying filters based on their followers, following, tweets, and Twitter joining date to get targeted and precise results. 

Followersearch twiiter analytics tool

Here is the list of filters that FollowerSearch includes: 

  • The option of performing the search on Twitter bio or Twitter profile.
  • Filter results based on the minimum and maximum followings or followers.
  • Filter results based on the minimum and maximum tweets.
  • Influencer-friendly search customization options.
  • Lastly Sort Twitter Followers by location, follower count, location, etc.

In addition, FollowerSearch can help you perform a bio search on your Twitter followers. You can apply filters to further categorize your Twitter followers. It can help you identify users with similar interests or look for new budding talent. You can categorize users based on,

  • Most and least followers 
  • Location
  • Keyword in bio

What’s more, you can also sort, compare, and analyze Twitter followers. It is an effective tool to track your brand growth, You can sort twitter followers as per the criteria mentioned and you can track and analyze your performance with your competitors.

2. FollowerWonk

follower wonk analytics tools

FollowerWonk is a tool for searching Twitter bios and comparing Twitter profiles. This gives you the ability to search further by location, number of followers, and more: You can also sort results by the number of tweets, followers, days old, or “social authority”.

With FollowerWonk, you can sort all of your Twitter follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count, and more,

Here are the filters you may apply while sorting Twitter followers with FollowerWonk: 

  • BIO

Followerwonk helps you: find relevant Twitter users to follow. analyze the demographics of your Twitter followers and your competitors’ followers.

Besides FollowerSearch is the perfect alternative for FollowerWonk, as all the features and options that FollowerWonk provides are already available with FollowerSearch with cheaper plans.

3. Twitonomy


Twitonomy is one of the best platforms where you can get detailed and visual information on any Twitter account. With Twitonomy, you can filter your searches and get the best insights into Twitter followers of any Twitter account. It also can back up and export your reports in both Excel and PDF formats. Twitonomy features are Detailed

  •  visuals on anyone’s tweet
  • Detailed insight on people who you follow and people who follow you
  • List of followers who you don’t follow back
  • Lastly, track your follower’s growth 

4. BuzzSumo 


BuzzSumo enables users to have access to viral trends data on Twitter from 24 hours to the past 5 years. You may filter the Search results with

  • The page authority
  • Number of followers
  • Retweet ratio Reply ratio
  • Average retweets 

It also gives users SEO insight which helps users to get an idea about the most trending keywords.

5. Tweeple Search

tweeple Twitter analytics tools

TweepleSearch is considered one of the simplest tools to analyze Twitter accounts. You may filter the search results by name, location, URL, language, number of followers, and number of tweets and get an organized list of Twitter users that fulfills your requirements.

6. FollowerAudit

track Twitter follower growth with follower audit

FollowerAudit is a Twitter profile auditing platform that audits and checks the fake, and inactive followers of any Twitter account. Along with checking fake followers it also helps in tracking followers of an individual Twitter account.

Nowadays, there are a lot of inactive and fake influencers with lots of fake followers. This tool will allow you to see his followers list and easily identify fake followers, allowing you to choose the right influencers for your promotion. It shows you

  • Inactive followers
  • Fake followers
  • Verified followers
  • Followers based on location 

And not only these but a detailed audit of the followers such as followers with very less Tweets, followers without bios, followers without locations, and followers with spammy usernames

7. FollowersAnalysis

followers analysis

FollowersAnalysis is a Twitter analytics tool that provides data and analysis of individual Twitter accounts. The data includes all the tweets, followers list, following list, and other related information of a Twitter profile.

You can have a biodata of your selected influencers and analyze their tweet timings, most liked tweets, and most retweeted tweets with charts and graphs so it would be easy and appealing for users to read.

FollwersAnalysis enables the user to get the whole analysis of his Twitter and provides charts of usage timing, the most used hashtag, and the most used @name. 

8. TrackMyHashtag

Twitter analytical tool track my hashtag

TrackMyHashtag is a Social media analytics tool that tracks all the activities happening around a social media campaign. Along with tracking, TrackMyHashtag also analyses, present the data, and provides historical data related to any event.

Suppose there is a hashtag for your product; you can search that hashtag, view the top users of that hashtag, and choose your particular key influencers from that. It also tracks the trends in your campaign. You can read more about that how can you use TrackMyHashtag to find your influencers by clicking here.

You can also keep track of your competitors and popular hashtags in real time. It gives you exclusive insights. It shows you the total number of tweets, potential reach, and total contributors.

9. SocialRank 

Twitter analytics tools

With SocialRank, you can analyze followers and sort the list with the best followers, most influential followers, and most engaged followers.

The Twitter analytics tools mentioned above have nearly identical interfaces and features. The main variance between all these tools is in their pricing and plans. FollowerSearch is economically cheaper: furthermore, the pricing of their packages is as follows:

  • Free trial up to 50 searches a month
  • $29/month basic plan
  • $69/month professional plan
  • $99/month enterprise plan

If you buy these plans yearly basis, you’ll get 50% off your selected plan, which is half of what you pay monthly.

Wrapping up

Twitter analytics tools

Lastly, nowadays there are lots of influencers on Twitter but selecting you influencer who is passionate about your product is a difficult task. These are some of the Twitter analytics tools which will help you to filter out your product ambassador. That’s all for today stay tuned for our next blog!


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