Compare Twitter Accounts.

Compare Multiple Twitter Accounts on a Single Dashboard

Get an opportunity to compare up to 3 Twitter Accounts simultaneously based on their tweets, followers, and following.
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Compare Twitter Accounts

FollowerSearch can help you in comparing multiple public Twitter accounts

FollowerSearch can compare multiple public Twitter accounts and classify them based on various parameters.

Salient Features of FollowerSearch account comparison

Benchmark Your Twitter Profile

Benchmarking your Twitter profile can help you in deriving profile performance metrics. It includes all the important information related to the strengths & weaknesses of your social media strategies. Check your followers, engagement level, and the content they interact with most. By comparing this data to other profiles, it can be a great way for you to get an idea of where your postings are performing well relative to others.

  • You can assess the performance of Multiple compared Twitter accounts.
  • Identify your account strengths and weaknesses concerning your competitor’s accounts.
  • Identify high performing content across competitors by comparing their profiles with each other.
Benchmark your twitter profile
Instantly compare twitter followers and follows

Instantly Compare Twitter Followers and Follows

FollowerSearch can instantly compare Twitter followers and follows from any two public Twitter accounts. You can instantly look up account-specific information and find which accounts to follow

  • Compare twitter accounts of multiple public profiles at once.
  • Compare Followers and follows and find common followers and follows.

Instantly Compare Your Social Graph with Any Targeted Twitter Account

FollowerSearch allows you to instantly compare your social graph with any targeted twitter account. By doing so, you can decrypt your competitor’s social media strategies and build your own.

  • Compare Average tweets and total tweets of multiple accounts.
  • Compare twitter followers and follows count of multiple profiles.
  • Compare the Twitter accounts age.
  • Compare twitter accounts activities.
Compare your social graph
get quantifiable engagement metrics

Get Quantifiable Engagement Metrics

By using FollowerSearch, you can instantly get quantifiable engagement metrics for any two targeted Twitter profiles. Decrypt your competitor’s social media strategies and build your own

  • Analyze your competitor’s social media activities.
  • Analyze your multiple competitor’s accounts and compare their followers and following at once.
  • Compare Twitter users based on their activity level.
  • Identify influencers from the targeted account.

The metrics included in the Compare Twitter account reports are-

  • Common Followers of multiple accounts
  • Account age of followers
  • Tweets count of followers
  • Followers count of followers
  • Following count of followers
  • Following Verified Percentage
  • Following Protected Percentage
  • Following Percentage with URL

Benefits & Applications of Comparing Followers and Accounts

You can compare the followers of multiple Twitter accounts to get the insights. Once you have compared with your competition, you will have a clearer picture of how to grow your base.
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Identify Common Followers

FollowerSearch can help you in identifying common follows & followers among multiple targeted accounts. This overlap can help you in carrying out analysis that can expose common audiences.

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Compare multiple Public Twitter Accounts

You can compare multiple public Twitter accounts. You will get insights related to your common Twitter followers and identify new followers.

evaluate twitter account icon

Evaluate your Twitter account and strategy

FollowerSearch can help you in analyzing Twitter accounts engagement rates. You can check what is hindering your growth and what works for your competition. You can then create similar content that can drive your account growth.

build impactful social media icon

Build Impactful Social Media Strategies

FollowerSearch provides you with the capability to easily identify key personalities in your domain on Twitter. This enables you to build targeted social media strategies that are impactful and bring tremendous value to your efforts.