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FollowerSearch is one of the best tools to Search Twitter Bios and search Twitter Profiles among the database of 800 million public Twitter accounts instantly.
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Perform Twitter Bios Search on Millions of Twitter Accounts at once

FollowerSearch possesses the largest database of more than 800 million Twitter profiles where you can perform Twitter Bios search and Twitter influencer search in a single go. You can search Twitter profiles based on their profession, location, followers – following count etc.

Salient Features of FollowerSearch are Twitter Bios Search

Twitter Influencer Search

Whether it's identifying influencers or new talent, performing a Twitter bios search can help you in streamlining the entire process. You can also find like-minded Twitter users. Get precise details of all the accounts that include your search term in their bio.

  • Identify key accounts and Twitter influencers that have required terms in their Twitter bios.
  • Look up new and budding talent.
  • Find Twitter users with similar interests.
  • Search Twitter profile or Search Twitter bios for any desired term.
Twitter Influencer Search
Hashtags Mentioned In any Twitter Bio

Search for a specific keyword from Twitter Bios or Twitter Profiles

FollowerSearch can search for any hashtags mentioned in Twitter Bios or Profiles. Search for your required hashtag among millions of Twitter profiles. Get account information of all the Twitter users who have mentioned the particular hashtag.

  • Search Twitter Bios for hashtags.
  • Instantly get information on accounts with the required hashtags.
  • Perform bio hashtag search on millions of accounts at once.
  • Search Twitter influencers based on hashtag search from Twitter bios.

Apply Specific Filters to Your Search Queries.

FollowerSearch lets you apply specific filters on your search term. Personalize your search experience by applying numerous filters on the search results. This helps you in getting accurate and targeted results. It also helps you in getting better results in the Twitter influencer search.

  • The option of performing a Twitter bio search or Twitter profile search.
  • Filter results based on the minimum and maximum followings or followers.
  • Filter results based on minimum and maximum tweets.
  • Twitter influencer search-friendly customization options.
  • Apply language and location-based filters. Perform Twitter search only for specific languages or specific locations.
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develop targeted social media strategies

Develop Targeted Social Media Strategies

FollowerSearch makes it incredibly easy to identify and search Twitter influencers from a targeted Twitter account or search term. The analysis allows you to develop targeted and impactful social media strategies that result in maximum ROI on your social investments.

  • Precise sorting options allow you to obtain targeted information.
  • Get a list of accounts that you wish to track and convert.
  • Precise tracking of average follower gain and loss.
  • Identify and leverage Twitter influencer’s reach.

Apply Precise Filters To your Required Search Term.

FollowerSearch allows you to apply precise search filters which ensure that you get targeted and precise results. A list mentioning all the filters is included below.

  • Twitter Profile: This option allows you to search Twitter profiles based on name, username and bios from our database of Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter Bios Only: Search Twitter Bios only enables you to perform a search only on Twitter bios and excluding name and username.
  • Name: Sort data based on any word present in the Twitter name and username only.
  • Location: The location filter allows you to perform search Twitter bios based on predefined location filters
  • Followers: This filter allows you to apply follower count specific filters. You can exclude search results that have lower or higher follower count than the defined search criteria.
  • Following: Following count lets you exclude or include Twitter users which have the following range within the defined search term.
  • Twitter Joining Date: This filter allows you to sort followers on the basis of their Twitter joining date.
  • Last Activity Date: The last activity date refers to the date and time when the user posted the latest tweet (tweet, retweet or reply) on Twitter.
  • Verified or Unverified: This filter allows you to include or exclude verified and unverified Twitter accounts.
  • List Count: This option enables you to search only those accounts which have a pre-defined number of lists in their account.
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Benefits & Applications of Performing a Twitter Bio search

Performing Twitter bios search ensures that you are searching from a large & authentic pool of data. This tool helps users to find the desired followers on Twitter, which ultimately help them to gain more followers and a higher engagement rate. Let's look at some of the applications & benefits of performing a Twitter bio search.
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Easily Find Twitter Influencers Related to Your Search Term.

FollowerSearch ranks users in the increasing order of their number of followers. This allows you to identify the users mentioning your search term in the descending order of their popularity. This makes it easy to identify Twitter influencers.

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Build Impactful Social Media Strategies.

FollowerSearch provides you with the capability to easily identify key personalities in your domain on Twitter. This enables you to build targeted social media strategies that are impactful and bring tremendous value to your efforts.